How to produce a video: production. From
The production phase involves the actual filming of your video. Since you already have your schedule, you should have a reliable estimate of how long this phase will take. And as a producer or stakeholder, your job is to make sure things run as close to schedule as possible. This part of the process usually requires someone to fill the role as director. That could be you or, depending on how large your production is, it could require hiring a professional. Directors are important to make sure your actor delivers the performance you want, you get all the shots you need, the shots are properly set and lit, and that the script and storyboard are followed.

Set up the lights

Make sure you and your crew have more than enough time to light each scene. Your schedule should include time for set up and the size of the set up will depend on how many locations you are shooting on and how many scenes you need.

Set up the camera

Your storyboard and shot list will tell you ahead of time what camera setup you will need. Depending on the scope of your shoot, it may be enough to set up a tripod or camera crane. You may be shooting the video yourself with just one camera, or you may need a professional cameraman whose setup could be more complex. Make sure you have enough time for each case. Do you already know Cinevision?

Show the actors

Directing the actor or actress is an important part of the process. The way they deliver the script will affect the speed of your video, the dynamics, the style, and how well it resonates with the audience. Even if you’re working with experienced presenters or actors, it’s up to you (or your director) to keep the goals in mind and get the performance you need from them.

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